Project weeks


English Native Speaker Project Weeks are designated for primary, secondary and high schools. Students intensively dive into the foreign language and learn from teachers from English speaking countries.

Organization and content

Six lessons every day from Monday to Friday on the premises of the school – instead of regular classes. Children/students learn in a project form through games, sports, cooking, music lessons and other fun activities.

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Germany 159 €  /  Austria 139 €  /  Slovakia 109 €
Discount for siblings: minus 10 € per student


  • Role games from everyday life
  • Stories
  • Treasure hunt and scavenger hunt
  • Planning the best party or a holiday
  • Creating an island
  • Games and competitions focused on vocabulary and group cooperation
  • Cooking - baking pizza and cookies


  • Baseball
  • American football and rugby
  • Cricket
  • Archery
  • And more – vocabulary, rules and own experience


  • Language competence development
  • Confidence enhancement
  • Team building
  • Increase in interest and motivation
  • Real life practical language,
  • Cultural awareness
  • Accurate language from native speakers
  • Fluency increase
  • Positive attitude towards learning a foreign language

Information for schools

If you are interested in a project week, we will gladly come to your school in person and arrange a suitable date of the English week. We will introduce the contents, methods and teachers at a parent meeting. We will hand out flyers with information about online registration and payments to the students in classrooms. The school does not have to collect applications. The English week will happen in case of a minimum of 2 groups of 13 interested students. The school has a chance to earn money – rental contract or other agreed compensation.

13-15 students in a group of approximately same age and level of language competence. During the first day, teachers will evaluate the original groups and in case it is needed put the students in a different group so that everyone can learn as much as possible.

Teachers rotate in all the groups. Students train themselves in understanding and have a chance for a variety of experience.